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Founded by Tom Cabanski

A software developer and entrepreneur with a passion for building quality software.

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Rabbit Operations

An open source application that provides operations support for RabbitMQ applications including integration with popular message bus libraries.

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An open source node.js application to update a physical build indicator based on the status of one or more projects in a continuous integration build server. Works on Mac, PC, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

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COMING SOON -- Service Bus Operations

A complete cloud-based solution for logging, replay, visualization, operations and debugging of distributed systems that use a message bus for transporting messages. Includes support for popular messaging systems, such as RabbitMQ, and frameworks such as NServiceBus, Mass Transit and Rebus.

Latest Blog Post -- Interview on DevOps

From time to time, I get the opportunity to talk to industry reporters about agile and DevOps. Today, I was interviewed via email for the first time, which turned out pretty interesting. Here are the questions and answers from that interview...

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